Code of Conduct

Questions? Please email or call 828-225-6932

Welcome to LaZoom comedy tours—your live show on wheels! We ask all our guests to treat the bus with the same respect as you would a live theater. Please be aware that failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in removal from the tour and possibly a ban from future LaZoom experiences.

Excessive Intoxication Prohibited
We want everyone to enjoy the tour! If you appear to be excessively intoxicated and it impacts others (by being loud, disruptive, or obnoxious), we’ll give you a friendly reminder to tone it down.

Keep Your Hands to Yourself
Respect personal boundaries. Touching, grabbing, or catcalling our performers or other guests is strictly prohibited.

Keep Interruptions to a Minimum
Let everyone enjoy the show—please avoid talking over the guide or having loud conversations with others, if it disrupts the performance. 

Phones Off
To ensure everyone’s enjoyment, please turn your phone off or set it to silent/vibrate before boarding.

No Videos
Feel free to capture the memories with photos, but we ask that you refrain from recording videos during the tour.

Beer from Approved Vendors Only
Please do not bring your own alcohol (BYOB). If you’d like a drink, you can purchase beverages at the LaZoom Room before departure or at any designated stops during the tour.