Locally owned

& Operated

Established 2007


LaZoom Tours is owned and operated locally by founders Jim and Jen Lauzon, who were just a pair of crazy-in-love street performers until they found their first bus, colored it purple and pursued their wacky dream. At first, it was just Jim and Jen (and a driver), writing the scripts and playing all the roles.

Now in its 16th year of operation, LaZoom has grown to encompass three buses, four drivers, one director, eight on- and off-bus guides, and more nuns than you can shake a ruler at! But LaZoom is still Jim and Jen’s baby, and we’re all family here. Get on the bus and experience the fun for yourself!


All LaZoom experiences are one of a kind, and completely scripted in house. Marketing, web design, graphic design, costume design/production, and printing (both apparel and advertisements) are sourced locally if available. Bus decorations were sourced locally, and installed locally. The only thing not local is our sense of humor. It’s pretty far out there.

We also pay a living wage to all employees and provide a medical stipend to full time employees.

LaZoom staff poses during a United Way volunteer day at Cane Creek Middle

Giving Back

LaZoom donates hundreds of tickets locally each year for silent auctions. We are proud to support our charitable community. If you would like to receive donated tickets, please:


In The Community

LaZoom strives to maintain a positive image in Asheville, and encourages their staff to support the local community. LaZoom matches community hours served with paid time off. It’s good to give back! 


Logo for Appalachian Offsets

Carbon Offset Program

In an effort to not kill the planet, LaZoom Tours will be offsetting their carbon emissions for 2019 and beyond. The company has agreed to submit all carbon payments to Appalachian Offsets, a local organization that aims to end carbon emissions in Western North Carolina.

Appalachian Offsets evaluated LaZoom’s current plan, which included regular sacrifices to an Egyptian sun god and a strict “No Farting” policy on tours, and came up with something more sensible. They evaluated their buses, the miles driven per year, and determined the amount of carbon offsets they would need to purchase to counteract their usage.

Read more about Appalachian Offsets

Around Asheville

Our guides love to have fun outside of the bus! Recently they have been spotted at hotel grand openings, food festivals, dog shows, and award ceremonies.

If you’d like to add some disruption to your event, please email kyle@lazoomtours.com