Immerse yourself in the foundations of improv, mastering scene building and spontaneous wit through engaging exercises. Hone your craft through a systematic exploration of classic sketch formats, creating hilarious scenarios and refining them through active performance.

This workshop caters to all, regardless of experience. Cultivate confidence, enhance communication skills, and foster out-of-the-box thinking, all while building a dynamic skillset for professional or personal enrichment.

Invest in your creative potential and unlock the power of laughter. Register today and embark on a transformative journey into the dynamic world of sketch comedy.


8 Small Format Sketch Writing Classes
2 Tickets to LaZoom ($99 Value)
Unlimited Laughing

Sundays  6-9PM
March 3rd, 2024 – April 21st, 2024

$299 Per Person (Ages 18+)

The LaZoom Room: 76 Biltmore Avenue, Asheville NC 28801



The Fairy Godmother of Comedy

Jillian is the LaZoom production manager and a force of nature who will ignite your inner comedic genius. She’s not just a teacher; she’s a whirlwind of laughter, wit, and questionable dance moves.

From Shakespeare to Side-Splitters:

Jillian’s artistic journey is a laugh riot. From gracing the stages of Chicago Shakespeare Theatre to School at Steppenwolf to touring internationally, she’s seen the world and made it chuckle. But her comedic calling wasn’t just in grand theatres; it pulsed in the heart of improv and sketch.

Second City? More like Second Nature

Institutions like Second City, UCB, IO, and The Annoyance Theatre are practically comedy royalty, and Jillian trained under their comedic monarchs –Tim Robinson, Sheldon Patinkin, the names that birthed legends like Bill Murray and Tina Fey. So, yeah, you could say comedy flows through her veins like laughing gas.

Beyond the Stage

Jillian’s not just a performer; she’s a joke-slinging wordsmith. From crafting web series and short films, to penning sketches that’ll leave audiences rolling on the floor, she’s got the wit to tickle funny bones and the talent to make them howl.

Teaching with Infectious Enthusiasm:

But her true superpower? Sharing the comedic gospel. Her workshops are more than just classes; they’re laugh-fueled adventures where she unleashes her infectious enthusiasm and passion for comedy, turning even the most timid wallflower into a comedic genius.

What You’ll Learn

Building Blocks of Brilliance

From crafting unforgettable characters to structuring scenes that crackle with tension and hilarity, Jillian will lay the foundation for your comedic empire.

Improvisation Superpowers

Get ready to unlock your comedic instincts and conquer the art of thinking on your feet (and falling on your face – it’s all part of the beautiful mess!).

Writing that Tickles the Funny Bone

Sharpen your jokes like a wit’s rapier and craft dialogue that explode with comedic energy. Jillian will show you how to write punchlines that pack a punch (and maybe a few groan-worthy puns, because hey, variety is the spice of laughter!).

Performance that Pops

From mastering delivery to conquering stage fright, Jillian will transform you into a confident pro who owns the stage.

By the End, You’ll Be

A sketch-writing machine, churning out side-splitting scenes that’ll have audiences begging for more


A performance powerhouse, captivating the stage with charisma and comedic fire


Part of a hilarious community of comedy comrades united by laughter

JOIN the laugh revolution