A Bit About LaZoom

Jim and Jen Lauzon

LaZoom Comedy Tours are owned and operated locally by founders Jim and Jen Lauzon, who were just a pair of crazy-in-love street performers until they found their first bus, colored it purple and pursued their wacky dream. At first, it was just Jim and Jen (and a driver), writing the scripts and playing all the roles. (Jim’s character, Sister Bad Habit, is such a significant, well-known figure on the Asheville scene, there’s even a locally brewed beer named after her!) Now in its ninth year of operation, LaZoom has grown to encompass three buses, four drivers, one director, eight on- and off-bus guides, and more nuns than you can shake a ruler at! But LaZoom is still Jim and Jen’s baby, and we’re all family here. Get on the bus and experience the fun for yourself!