LaZoom Tours are by far, the best and most entertaining way to see and get to know Asheville. Whether you’re a visitor or a local.

Our incredibly talented, dedicated guides—each with their own special personality—will inform and delight you at every turn!

LaZoom City Comedy Tours

Just $26 for an incredibly fun introduction to Asheville’s history and most interesting neighborhoods, try our City Tour!

LaZoom Haunted Comedy Tours

$23 for a bus load of fun! Walk on the wild side… or at least ride on it! Dark, funny and weird… Try our Haunted Tour!

LaZoom Band & Beer Bus Tours

$31 for the best beer tour in town! With a live band and highly entertaining guides! Try our Band and Beer Bus Tour.

LaZoom Kids' Comedy Tours

$16 gets your kids the ride of their life… try our Kids’ Comedy Tour.

And don’t forget our Special Events and  Group Tours!

What are others saying?

Here are some quotes from previous riders on Tripadvisor:

“Family came into town and we needed entertainment. Impressed a bunch of people that are hard to impress!!!!”

“I was skeptical of this being too touristy or cheesy, but I had SUCH a great time! The skits had us laughing. The historical info was a great introduction to Asheville. If you’re in town, or if you live in town, get on the LaZoom bus! You won’t regret it!”

“WOW! It’s so much freaking fun!”


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