Tour Pricing

Haunted Comedy Tour departing 92 Patton Ave.
Adults: $22.47
City Comedy Tour departing 90 Biltmore Ave.
Adults: $25.68
Young Adults: $19.26
Seniors: $23.54
Ashevillans: $22.47
LaZoom's Let Your Love Roll Ride
Adults: $22.47

Our season runs from February (weekends only Feb and March) through Dec 31st.  Look for special events, live comedy shows, live music and holiday tours all year long!

Note: City Comedy Tour riders must be 13 years and Haunted Tour riders must be at least 17 years old to ride.

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO GROUPS: Please be aware there are other riders on the bus who want to enjoy the tour, for this reason we ask that groups inform all their members to respect our rules about talking during the tours. Due to a number of incidents we are sorry to report we no longer allow Bachelor and Bachelorette parties on the bus.