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Sister Sauerkraut seeks out new sinners on every ride!

Thanks to Mission Hospital's Phlebotomy Team and friends for jumping on the bus! Had such a great time!!

June 2012 City Comedy Tour!

Sister Saurkraut havin' a little liquid fun at the Thirsty Monk!

Smile for the cameras, y'all!

Augusta Wind, leading another group of brave LaZoomers!

The new bus is ready for her close-up!

Another group of happy LaZoomers!

Passengers and Leicester

Augusta Wind with another happy LaZoomer!

Uh oh! Looks like Montford Avenue may have a bit of a cockroach problem!

The tour can get a little acrobatic at times...

Find out the crazy past of this beautiful house on on of our Comedy Tours!

The Grove Arcade, in downtown Asheville

Gotta love Asheville's community art projects!

Homewood, one of many sights on the City Comedy Tour!

Leiscester gets a little excited about roundabouts...

The Good Old Tip Boot!

New best friends, Leicester Oteen

Listen here, Sonny.