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For a fun, introduction to Asheville’s history and most interesting neighborhoods, try our City Tour!

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For a completely different kind of ride, try our Band and Beer Bus Tour.

The unforgettable LaZoom Tour experience, from start to finish, is uniquely fun, immersive and colorful. Our interactive bus tours blend fast paced facts, original comedy and sharp improv. Each tour is a hands-on original interaction between tour guides on and off the bus, the audience, and people on the street.

LaZoom Comedy Tours are, by far, the best, most entertaining way to see and get to know Asheville, whether you’re a visitor or a local!

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Asheville is widely known as a unique, lovely, giddy little city. There’s never been anything quite like it, and there’s never been anything anywhere like the multiple award-winning LaZoom Comedy Tours! Asheville and LaZoom were made for each other! There’s no better way than riding with LaZoom and its wild guides to discover Asheville’s living, beating heart and quirky sense of humor! LaZoom is beloved by locals and visitors alike. Get on the bus for the ride of your life!


What’s Happening Now?

It’s Summer, so everyone and their uncle are coming to Asheville! If you’re planning on booking a ride with us, be sure to do it well in advance.

We’re now offering an all-new tour experience for beer lovers! The “Band and Beer Bus Tour” runs Saturdays and Sundays (Starting June 13th).Breweries

We’re running  “City Tours” every day of the week, and our “Haunted Tours” run Monday through Saturday.

Where to Get on the Bus!

All City Tours depart from in front of the French Broad Food Co-op, at 90 Biltmore Avenue.

All Haunted Tours depart from behind The Thirsty Monk, at 92 Patton Avenue (near the Commerce Street entrance).

All Band & Beer Bus Tours depart from the Tasty Beverage (162 Coxe Avenue)

Reservations strongly recommended (our buses only seat 40).

To see a map of our locations, including our storefront at 14 Battery Park Avenue, please visit our Contact page.

Did Y’all know?

That in addition to being Beer City, USA, and Bee City, USA (and, thanks to LaZoom, Fun City, USA), Asheville was #1 in debt-per-capita during the Great Depression? Now that’s something to brag about! It took us until 1976 to pay off that debt, but we did it! Here’s a fun one, in the 70’s, 80s and early 90s, downtown was mostly boarded up, a place no one wanted to go, and 11 blocks would have been bulldozed for a mall if we hadn’t stood up and said, “Nuh-uh”. Now 90% of downtown businesses are locally owned and operated, like LaZoom. Many more fun facts like these on our City Tour!

Sister Bad Habit Amber Ale Release

A Party Like Nun Other!

— Sister Bad Habit Amber Ale — Released April 7th 2015 —

If you were in downtown Asheville on April 7th, you’re sure to have seen over 40 habit-adorned nuns as they invaded the streets to celebrate the release of Sister Bad Habit Amber Ale.

The party kicked off at the Thirsty Monk (92 Patton Avenue) then the nuns boarded the LaZoom bus that was jamming to the tunes of the John Henry’s band. They headed over to the Asheville Brewing Company (77 Coxe Avenue) for a short time before the gaggle of habits will descended on The Bywater (796 Riverside Drive) to spread the gospel about the heavenly new ale being released. They finally ended their pilgrimage back in town at Pack Tavern (20 South Spruce Street).

The LaZoom bus hauled the sisters from place-to-place as they payed homage to the second coming of the amber nectar. Sister Bad Habit Amber Ale is a limited-release beer created by the folks at the Thirsty Monk in collaboration with Asheville Brewing’s finest brew miesters. The beer was originally released in 2014 and was praised by all who were fortunate enough to be enlightened by its golden color, thick head and perfectly carbonated blend of hops, top fermenting yeast and delicate malt.

Anyone who wants to experience this hand-crafted delight can get it on tap or in 22 ounce bottles, but don’t wait, it’s only available for a limited time. The bottled ale can be purchased at Bruisin’ Ales (66 Broadway), Appalachian Vinters (745 Biltmore Ave, Suite 121) and both Asheville Brewing locations. Taps will be flowing at the Thirsty Monk, Asheville Brewing, the Bywater and Packs Tavern.

Judging by last year’s release… You’d better pray there’s some left when you belly-up to the bar!

There is even a limited quantity of  $15 t-shirts will be available at both Asheville Brewing locations and at the LaZoom ticket office!


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