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For a fun, introduction to Asheville’s history and most interesting neighborhoods, try our City Tour!

For a walk on the wild side, you can’t beat our Haunted Tour!

$16 gets your kids the ride of their life… try our Kids’ Comedy Tour.

For a completely different kind of ride, try our Band and Beer Bus Tour.

The most entertaining way to get to know Asheville!

Asheville is widely known as a unique, lovely, giddy little city. There’s never been anything quite like it, and there’s never been anything anywhere like the multiple award-winning LaZoom Comedy Tours! Asheville and LaZoom were made for each other! There’s no better way than riding with LaZoom and its wild guides to discover Asheville’s living, beating heart and quirky sense of humor! LaZoom is beloved by locals and visitors alike. Get on the bus for the ride of your life!

Where to Get on the Bus!

All City Tours depart from in front of the French Broad Food Co-op, at 90 Biltmore Avenue.

All Kids’ Tours depart from in front of the French Broad Food Co-op, at 90 Biltmore Avenue.

All Haunted Tours depart from behind The Thirsty Monk, at 92 Patton Avenue (near the Commerce Street entrance).

All Band & Beer Bus Tours depart from the Tasty Beverage (162 Coxe Avenue)

Reservations strongly recommended (our buses only seat 40).

To see a map of our locations, including our storefront at 14 Battery Park Avenue, please visit our Contact page.

Did Y’all know?

That in addition to being Beer City, USA, and Bee City, USA (and, thanks to LaZoom, Fun City, USA), Asheville was #1 in debt-per-capita during the Great Depression? Now that’s something to brag about! It took us until 1976 to pay off that debt, but we did it! Here’s a fun one, in the 70’s, 80s and early 90s, downtown was mostly boarded up, a place no one wanted to go, and 11 blocks would have been bulldozed for a mall if we hadn’t stood up and said, “Nuh-uh”. Now 90% of downtown businesses are locally owned and operated, like LaZoom. Many more fun facts like these on our City Tour!


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